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    • Forum warning system   08/08/15

      Pre-made point system: Punishments: Note: Strikes are removed 30 days after they are issued. If you manage to get as many strikes as the punishments require you will be punished out of the list above.
      If you manage to get 35 strikes within 30 days, you get permanently banned. It should be impossible, but this is West Coast, so there will most likely be someone who does this eventually.  Be good kids.
    • Moderator Applications   11/12/15

      Hello guys!  Since we're going in for the Holliday season now, I want to hire 4 moderators to help out.  Requirements: - 500phs minimum.
      - Good knowledge of the script and players.
      - Few notes.
      - Ability to communicate well with others.
      - Ability to get oversight quickly, and take time to make sure each report is handled with care, and responsibility.
      - Over the age of 16.
      - Must have a working microphone and TeamSpeak3.   What do I have to do? - Send a self wrote application to my inbox here on the forums, where you include why you should be chosen over others, and what makes you perfect for the role.   Good luck, applicants will be picked along the next 2 weeks.


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      If accepted, you'll be given an invitation token and a password you use to start the registration process. You can also get this token from players who have earned them. 

  2. Faction Media

    1. San Andreas State Police

      Background and history on the San Andreas State Police Department. Current Comissioner Donny Valentine

    2. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Background and history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Current Director - N/A

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    3. Los Santos Fire Department

      Background and history of the Los Santos Fire Department - Current Lead Doctor - N/A

    4. Fox 5 News

      Background and history of Fox 5 News - Leader - Ashley Larkin

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