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    • Takye_Honcho Helper Application
      By Takye_Montana · Posted
      Account Name:Takye_Montana Character Names:((list them all))Takye_Honcho Proof of Stats: ((Please use the highest level Character)) Most Active Character:Takye_Honcho Timezone:GMT -5 How active are you? ((Scale 1-10))9 Is English your Primary Language? If Not, what is?Yes it is List All Languages and scale them 1-10 on how well you know them:Spanish 2 ,French 1  Why do you wish to join the WCRP Helper Team? ((75 Words Minimum))I would like to join the helper team because i enjoy helping people. I own a family that is very successful in my opinion and i think i could bring my experience as a family leader into the helper team and share my knowledge to new players.I also want tot join the helper team because i think i can make new friends and meet new people. It is something i am new to and would like to get involved in. Why should you be hired to the WCRP Helper Team and what sets you apart from all other applicants? ((100 Words Minimum))I think what sets me apart from other helpers is that i have more experience. I own a family and have been playing WC-RP for a long time and i think that give me benefits to be more successful in the helper team. I have friends who have encouraged me to join the Helper Team and because of that I am applying. If i get denied I will learn from my flaws and fix them if i get accepted then i will give the server my knowledge about the script. I also enjoy helping new players and being a Good Role Model Have you ever removed from the helper team? ((When, Why, and by Who))No 
    • 'Crash Bug'
      By Czar · Posted
      Yeah, it happens to me too last time, I got timed out and my guns are gone
    • Something about the player above you!
      By Balls · Posted
      His dad is my personal bitch driver
    • RIOT At stacks
      By Balls · Posted
      That is seriously atrocious.
    • RIOT At stacks
      By Takye_Montana · Posted
      By Czar · Posted
      (( No need for Skype, I need your phone number IG ))
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