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    • Forum warning system   08/08/2015

      Pre-made point system: Punishments: Note: Strikes are removed 30 days after they are issued. If you manage to get as many strikes as the punishments require you will be punished out of the list above.
      If you manage to get 35 strikes within 30 days, you get permanently banned. It should be impossible, but this is West Coast, so there will most likely be someone who does this eventually.  Be good kids.
    • Shepard Mass-Ban   08/22/2015

      You're all unbanned if you were banned by him. I am very sorry for the inconvienience.


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    1. San Andreas State Police

      Background and history on the San Andreas State Police Department. Current Comissioner Donny Valentine

    2. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Background and history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Current Director - N/A

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    3. Los Santos Fire Department

      Background and history of the Los Santos Fire Department - Current Lead Doctor - N/A

    4. Fox 5 News

      Background and history of Fox 5 News - Leader - Ashley Larkin

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